The 1st International Conference on Environmental and Sustainability Context

The 1st International Conference on Environmental and Sustainability Context (ICoESCo) was successfully held on August 24, 2021 which brings the theme of “Emerging Challenges and Opportunities for Achieving Environmental Sustainability” since the theme of “sustainability" has become the most crucial issue of the world by now. This conference was attended by 81 participants that came from 34 universities across the world.

Since the number of COVID-19 cases in Indonesia is still high in July – August 2021, the committee decided to hold the conference in a virtual setting. The meeting is part of the annual meeting of the scientific consortium initiated by the Environmental Sustainability Research Group. Because of the importance of this meeting, the committee should conduct this conference even in a virtual situation. 

The committee used the Zoom Application to ensure the delivery of the research material could be done smoothly. The invited keynote speakers all are as follows: Dr. M.V. Reddy (Hydro-Quebec Institute of Research, Canada); Dr. Astri Rinanti Nugroho, M.T. (Universitas Trisakti, Indonesia); Dr. Kamran Azam (The University of Haripur, Pakistan) and Prof. Hiroyuki Miyake (The University of Kitakyushu, Japan) who is divided into 2 plenary sessions. The speakers talked for 25 minutes and continued with 15 minutes of discussion. The committee used the breakout room function of the Zoom Application for facilitating an actual conference situation. There are 4 breakout rooms where 11-12 presenters were delivering their research results. The presenter has 10 minutes to present and 5 minutes to ask some questions from the audiences. All of the participants were allowed to join the rooms they wanted to. 

There are several scientific manuscripts produced through this conference which most of them are sent to the IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science for further process. The paper consists of the broad topic of environmental management, engineering, and science. All of the manuscripts are peer-reviewed by the expertise coming from the different scientific research fields. 

The committee wants to thank all of the participants coming to this conference. The committee also wants to express the deepest gratitude to the keynote speakers, reviewers, and moderators who contribute to this conference's success. The committee also wants to acknowledge IOPP for publishing our conference proceedings. It is hoped that the readers can feel and extract the knowledge and get some memorable experience and information during the exploration of our scientific manuscript. The committee also wants to apologize for all of the mistakes found in the conference and the published papers.